Kiaban - Controls (Option list) on date field use timestamp

Hi All,

I'm new on Kibana and I have a question about controls.
In Discovery section I can see the list of my fields and one of them is important for me: dt_reference_date which is in this format YYYY-MM-DD HH:ii:ss.

If I try to insert a Control (option list) inside my dashboard, this tool use "match_phrase" query with timestamp (something like 1637942958000).

Could you please help me to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance

What is the elasticsearch mapping of dt_reference_date field?

The control values come from doing a terms aggregation on the field. The aggregation is returning date fields as epoch_millis.

Is the generated filter not working? Can you describe the problem you are seeing?

Hi Nathan, thanks a lot for your help.
In index mapping details I can see:
"dt_reference_date": {
"type": "date",
"format": "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss"

So if I try to filter a dashbord with a control (option list) based on this field I can't find any result.


I would recommend opening an issue at Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

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