Kibaba APM UI setup - No services available


I am having a very basic issue visualizing APM data.

I can see data in Discover mode:

JSON looks like this:

"_index": "apm-test-1-2018.12.03",
"_type": "apm",
"_id": "aTeydGcBXgES9nfvPWq4",
"_score": 1,
"_source": {
"host": {
"name": "B00011B200647"
"span": {
"name": "Span 464",
"type": "dk.bec.elk.apm.Application",
"parent": 6904591832066284000,
"hex_id": "180032c8a2003b5c",
"id": -7493933942651733000,
"duration": {
"us": 35
"context": {
"service": {
"agent": {
"name": "java",
"version": "1.0.1"
"name": "torbens-test-service"
"timestamp": {
"us": 1543851092948475
"processor": {
"name": "transaction",
"event": "span"
"@version": "1",
"beat": {
"name": "B00011B200647",
"version": "6.5.1",
"hostname": "B00011B200647"
"parent": {
"id": "dfd209b06d5fd6d3"
"@timestamp": "2018-12-03T15:31:32.948Z",
"transaction": {
"id": "dfd209b06d5fd6d3"
"kafkatopic": "bectest-apm",
"app_log_type": "test",
"customapp": "apm",
"trace": {
"id": "8500f3d883f85330bb4c02cfcd790803"
"fields": {
"@timestamp": [

... Now, I have set up The Kibana APM UI as pr. instructions, And during setup we are seemingly happy:

However, When accessing the UI after, I still get:

Any help would be greatly appreciated !

Best regards, Torben

Hi Torben,

The APM UI might be reading from incorrect indicies and therefore not get any data. Can you try setting the following in kibana.yml:

apm_oss.errorIndices: apm-*
apm_oss.spanIndices: apm-*
apm_oss.transactionIndices: apm-*
apm_oss.onboardingIndices: apm-*


Thanks Søren.

That should be configured - However data is still missing...

Do you see any errors in the Kibana output (Node process)?

No visible errors...

Does this endpoint return a response, and what is the status code?

curl <kibana hostname>/api/apm/services?start=2017-12-09T15%3A13%3A32.171Z&end=2018-12-10T15%3A13%3A32.171Z

Hi Torben,

Looking at your original issue, I see that Discover is showing a span, and I'm wondering if you have any transactions.

You can find all transactions with this query in Discover:

processor.event : "transaction" and*

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