Kibana 3.1 shows difference between graph and entry list

I am a new user to ElasticSearch and Kibana, took me 2 weeks to figure out
how to import into ES and show results in Kibana.

Now I am discovering inconsistencies in the displayed data between graphs
and entries. Where is that coming from?

The histogram shows that I have 6 orders, at the same time I only see 4
entries in the list. To me the histogram seems to display wrong data.

Do I need to configure the graphs in Kibana differently or do I need to set
some ElasticSerch settings on the index?

I attached 3 screenshots, and here are the settings for ElasticSearch index:

'order' : {
    '_timestamp' : {
        'enabled' : True,
        'default' : '2012-01-01'
    'properties': {
        'channel':          { 'type': 'string', 'index': 'not_analyzed' 

'company': { 'type': 'string', 'index': 'not_analyzed'
'country_billing': { 'type': 'string', 'index': 'not_analyzed'
'country_shipping': { 'type': 'string', 'index': 'not_analyzed'
'created': { 'type': 'string', 'index': 'not_analyzed'
'item_count': { 'type': 'integer', 'index':
'not_analyzed' },
'item_quantity': { 'type': 'integer', 'index':
'not_analyzed' },
'order_id': { 'type': 'integer', 'index':
'not_analyzed' },
'order_identifier': { 'type': 'integer', 'index':
'not_analyzed' },
'total_currency': { 'type': 'string', 'index': 'not_analyzed'
'total_gross': { 'type': 'float', 'index': 'not_analyzed'
'total_net': { 'type': 'float', 'index': 'not_analyzed' },
'total_gross_eur': { 'type': 'float', 'index': 'not_analyzed' },
'total_net_eur': { 'type': 'float', 'index': 'not_analyzed' },
'total_gross_usd': { 'type': 'float', 'index': 'not_analyzed'
'total_net_usd': { 'type': 'float', 'index': 'not_analyzed' },

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