Kibana 3 unresponsive whilst Kibana 2 on same node is fine

Colour me confused, we've recently ramped up the number of servers logging
to our elasticsearch 0.90.3 cluster, Kibana 3 milestone 3 (downloaded and
installed today), simply hangs until Chrome offers to kill the page. Kibana
2 reports and responds perfectly well. I upgraded from ES 0.20.6 because
Kibana 3 had hung on that thinking the version of ES might have something
to do with it, but evidently it doesn't.

The httpd config is as simple as can be, documentroot is the directory
containing kibana-latest, the config.js file points to the FQDN of the
elasticsearch host (which is the same box) port 9200. There's nothing new
in the config that wasn't there before, and Kibana 3 has been working
perfectly well up until recently. Load on the server is not abnormal,
plenty of memory free, Kibana 2 works like a charm, but Kibana 3 is a dead

Anyone have any ideas where to start looking?

Many thanks in anticipation.

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