Kibana page unresponsive after cluster version upgrade

hi, I encounter a performance issue after cluster upgrade:
version before upgrade:
logstash 2.2.2
elasticsearch 2.2.1
kibana 4.4.2
version after upgrade:
logstash 2.3.1
elasticsearch 2.3.1
kibana 4.5.0

after upgrade, i always encounter kibana page unresponsive when i load the dashboard page for 24hrs or longer:
load the same dashboard for last 15mins, last 30mins, last 1 hours, last 4 hours all no problem, but last 24 hours above the page will just become unresponsive.

no issue for discover even select last 7 days. I don't think it is hardware limitation as this is the newly setup cluster has higher specs (BL460 G9 + SSD) than my other cluster running old versions.

can anyone tell me what is the potential issue why the page always become unresponsive? I've compared the the kibana configuration with other cluster and they are the same.


kibana page unresponsive

Are you getting a message from the browser that the page has become unresponsive, or is Kibana just sitting idle for a long time?

Also, can you check the network requests in your browser's debugging tools and see if the times there seem long?

hi Joe,
it is pop up message.

How many visualizations do you have on the dashboard, and what kinds?

We've noticed a huge slowdown in Chrome when rendering tables (it's especially apparent in Discover), so if you have a lot of data tables, that could be what is causing the issue. It's strange that it's a side effect of the time range you choose though.

hi Joe, I found the root cause already. it was due to one of my visualization which is a split line bar chart. the split bars are too many when i select last 24 hours so the kibana can not handle it anymore. after i remove the charts it go back to normal

Can you post a screenshot of the problem vis? It sounds like a performance regression that would be nice to fix.

Hi Joe,

this is the charts which causing problem. now i show top 10 instead.
last time i show top 0 so it hangs as the bars are too many.

Using "top 0" basically doesn't limit the results - or more correctly, it uses Elasticsearch's upper limit of results, which is 100.

So you're saying that you were using "top 0" with older versions of Kibana, and it used to actually render?

I only had this charts after the version upgrade. if you say the top 0 is limit at 100. so for sure it will error out no matter old or new version as our record of top 0 definitely more than 100 when i select last 24 hrs :slight_smile:

is this limit configurable?