Tab not responding for some visualizations after upgrading to Kibana to 7.9

After we upgraded the elastic stack to version 7.9 (all--> logstash, elasticsearch and kibana) we experience visualisations which make the browser tab unresponsive: image

This was not the case before the update.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Hi @intellion,

There was a performance regression caught in 7.9.0 that will be fixed in an upcoming patch release. This may be the same issue you're experiencing. It is tracked under this issue:

Ah, ok. We will give 7.9.1 a try then. 7.9.0 is not useable as it is...

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If the fix didn't make it in 7.9.1, it may be 7.9.2. The issue should have the up to date information.

It did solve our issues. Performance seems to be back to normal.

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