Kibana 4.1.2 YUM RPM

Hi, I was wondering if or when the Kibana 4.1.2 RPM would be available in the YUM repo, I still only see 4.1.1 when looking at :




I'm not sure what the go is with that 4.1.1 package, but we don't currently support any repositories for KB4.
It's the tar.gz/zip only for now.

Thanks Mark,

I was referring to which has the Kibana 4.1.1 package listed in the yum repo (See @jordansissel's comment about 80% the way down "64bit packages are now available. ....").


Ok, but my comments still stand. We still do not offer these, that was just a test of the infrastructure so we can offer them in the future.

I don't know of the ETA for these packages.

Is this also the case for the apt repo as well?

For Kibana? Yes.

Since the old versions of Kibana, as well as the new versions of ES and Logstash are available here, it would be really nice if Kibana 4.2 could be built as well.

Are the specfiles used for the builds available anywhere in (or elsewhere) so that we can build local versions to the same specs?

Sorry for the self-followup, but it looks like maybe grunt can build RPMs via grunt build (using _build:osPackages)?

Giving it a shot to see if I can build them locally.

Any more word on this? It would be great if 4.2 had a working repo as earlier versions have.

seems to have some more detail.
Doesn't say explicitly, but looking like maybe the packaging part is broken? Now that 4.3 is out, would be really nice to have a working repo.