Kibana 4.2 beta release and Elastic 2.0 beta pipeline aggregations?


Does the new Kibana 4.2 beta release support the display of pipeline aggregation present in ES 2.0 beta?



No, not yet - it's just basic compatibility, no new ES 2.0 functionality specifically integrated at the moment.

Tracking an issue for that here:

Which pipeline aggregation(s) are you interested in, specifically?

Hi @tbragin,

Thanks for the clarification, as initially I thought that since it supports 2.0 version of ES thus it might support pipeline aggregation. The github issue link which you shared is raised by me.

I would love to see Kibana to start supporting the basic pipelines like Max_Bucket, Min_Bucket, Avg_Bucket and then may be more advance like Derivative and Cumulative sum etc.


I would like the bucket_script like described on

+1 for bucket script aggregations on kibana