Kibana 4.2 beta release and Elastic 2.0 beta pipeline aggregations?

(Tarunsapra) #1


Does the new Kibana 4.2 beta release support the display of pipeline aggregation present in ES 2.0 beta?


Kibana 4.2 : aggregations pipeline
(Tanya Bragin) #2

No, not yet - it's just basic compatibility, no new ES 2.0 functionality specifically integrated at the moment.

Tracking an issue for that here:

Which pipeline aggregation(s) are you interested in, specifically?

(Tarunsapra) #3

Hi @tbragin,

Thanks for the clarification, as initially I thought that since it supports 2.0 version of ES thus it might support pipeline aggregation. The github issue link which you shared is raised by me.

I would love to see Kibana to start supporting the basic pipelines like Max_Bucket, Min_Bucket, Avg_Bucket and then may be more advance like Derivative and Cumulative sum etc.

(David Martel) #4


I would like the bucket_script like described on

(Shruthi S) #5

+1 for bucket script aggregations on kibana

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