Kibana 4.3.0 uses sometimes field_stats and sometimes _msearch for fetching data

Hi Team ,
I am using Kibana 4.3.0 with ES 2.1 and i am using Kibana Quick view to fetch 1 year old indexed data , when i am selecting Last 1 year in Quick view then sometime _msearch api is called and sometime field_stats api is called to fetch the results . Can you please let me know the reason behind that ? As i am getting error in case of Field_stats call that IllegalArgumentException field [time] does not exist in Elasticsearch .

Kibana uses the field stats API to work out which indices need to be queried based on the time range you are searching over. The msearch API call is the actual search that Kibana conducts under the hood.

Can you paste the full exception trace you see in Kibana? If you have access to the Elasticsearch cluster logs, pasting the corresponding exception from that log will also help.

Hi thanks for replying and clarifying the query .actually the issue is resolved, my index mapping was not updated at kibana end due to which I was getting error.Thanks