How to tune up _field_stats? (cosumes most time in kibana dashboards)


I have a summary dashboard which shows me cpu, mem, mem per process, disk usage for our 8 servers.
To have an impression: This is a sample line of a single server:

This dashboard is loading slowly. I checked in browsers developer mode and got following network times on a refresh.

So most of the time is spent for getting requesting the _field_stats api.
_mesearch only takes 0.5s of 5s overall in this example. Sometimes _field_stats takes in sum 10s and _msearch 1s.

Any Idea how I can speed up the _field_stats which kibana seems to gather for each panel?

We are on ELK 5.1.2 single instance, all on one server. Kibana access is proxied via apache 2.4 and TLS.
Machine has 8CPU and 120GB RAM.



Any aid on how to tune up would be appreciated.

Thanks, Andreas

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