Kibana 4 detects geodata property but doesn't display anything in a geomap visualisation


I have created an Elasticsearch index from a data set containing geodata. I
have set up mapping for the data. Then I tried to create Kibana
visualisation using this data set. Kibana detects the geodata property but
finds no result even though there plenty of. Then I ran a test on another
data set with different and much simpler layout, and Kibana properly
visualised geodata.

Here's the sample that works:

"location": {
"lat": 56.290525,
"lon": -30.163298

and this is its mapping:

"location": {
"type": "geo_point",
"lat_lon": true,
"geohash": true

And this one doesn't work:

"groupOfLocations": {
"@type": "Point",
"locationForDisplay": {
"lat": 59.21232,
"lon": 9.603803

And this is its mapping:

... // nested type

"locationForDisplay": {
"type": "geo_point",
"lat_lon": true,
"geohash": true

There are only two things that are different between working and
non-working versions:

  1. The one that works has a JSON element called "location" while the other
    one is called "locationForDisplay"
  2. The one that works has a JSON element ("location") as a top level
    element, while in the other one it's an element in the nested type.

Apart from these two differences (which I believe shouldn't mean anything)
I can't find anything else. What can make Kibana fail?

Thanks in advance


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