Kibana 4: is it possible to have a line chart with multiple lines in the same chart (one line for each field value)


The new Kibana 4.0.0 looks great :slight_smile:

I see it is also possible to have a single line-diagramm with multiple
lines by using Aggregation "Percentiles" for the Y-Axis.
But in my case I can't use the percentiles calculation of Kibana, because I
already have accumulated metrics (from an RRD-Store).

An Example: For the DataBaseConnectionGetTime I finally have following
values available as fields in my ES-Index:

MIN, MAX, Percentiles (100%-90%, 75%-25%, Median, 25%-10%, 10%0).

I'm interested in graphing the percentiles "by my own", which simply means
integrating several lines in the same diagram.
Is it possible to do this? The result would look very much like the one I
found for the calculated percentiles.

Another small question: is it possible to change line/graph colors in
Kibana 4? E.g. Red for ERROR, green for INFO, ..

Kind regards

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