Kibana 4 Template/RISON URL's


I've been demoing Kibana 4 and will probably be offering some more feedback
over the next few days, but wanted to touch on the template
replacement(RISON URL's). I had a think about this and it seems a bit
insufficient for how I currently utilize templates. I often want to link
to a template from multiple sources and pass in a few key parameters, such
as cluster number and name. After that I can tweak, modify and update the
dashboard with the changes visible on the same link. I see a few couple
options with this:
1.) Redistribute the links(Yuck!)
2.) Redirect a stable endpoint to the updated URL, injecting the parameters
into the RISON URL

Option one is a bit gross, and option two has no integration into Kibana 4
itself currently :[ What is everyone else thinking?


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