Kibana 5.2.1: documentation mismatch


I am following tutorial at

I have ELK stack installed at version 5.1.2 (current).

The documentation says:
" For this tutorial, any pattern that matches the name of an index we’ve loaded will work. Open a browser and navigate to localhost:5601. Click the Settings tab, then the Indices tab"

But there is no "Settings" tab at this page.
Probably documentation refers to some older Kibana version and things has changed. Can you please update docs to match current status? Or am I missing something?


It's Management > Index Settings.

Ill raise a GH issue to get this addressed, so thanks for mentioning it :slight_smile:

Aha. Probably Management --> Index Patterns then?
No "Index Settings" there.

Yeah sorry, Patterns.

Just for completeness -

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