Kibana 5.2.2 GUI takes 3m 10sec to load initially

Hi all,

Yes I know Im on an old version :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been living with Kibana taking 3 mins and 10 seconds to load initially for as long as I have inherited this current system. We capture huge amount of metrics so I didnt really give this a second thought, nor do i have a proper testing environment, until recently.

First page that loads is the discover app: _/app/kibana#/discover?g=()

kibana.defaultAppId: "discover"

I now have a temp test environment where I have less than 24hrs worth of data, and Kibana still takes 3+mins to load! I timed it with my live env and the initial load time is the same.

I found this: Kibana 5.2 UI takes a very long time to load but a) dont have stats button and b) dont have any load balancing configs

I am not an expert user, can anyone advise how I could possibly speed the loading time and or resolve this?

Please let me know what info I can provide (and how to get it) needed for you to help me.

I have two servers: 4x CPU, 32GB RAM, 150GB local disk


ip          heap.percent ram.percent cpu load_1m load_5m load_15m node.role master name           26          74   1    0.29    0.29     0.33 d         -      host2           15          69   1    0.27    0.39     0.45 md        *      host1


cluster_name	"es_sandbox"
status	"green"
timed_out	false
number_of_nodes	2
number_of_data_nodes	2
active_primary_shards	26
active_shards	52
relocating_shards	0
initializing_shards	0
unassigned_shards	0
delayed_unassigned_shards	0
number_of_pending_tasks	0
number_of_in_flight_fetch	0
task_max_waiting_in_queue_millis	0
active_shards_percent_as_number	100


index                shard prirep state     docs   store ip      node
log-2019.02.26 2     p      STARTED 118087 139.9mb host1
log-2019.02.26 2     r      STARTED 118087 140.6mb host2
log-2019.02.26 1     r      STARTED 118443   140mb host1
log-2019.02.26 1     p      STARTED 118443 123.9mb host2
log-2019.02.26 3     r      STARTED 117958 140.4mb host1
log-2019.02.26 3     p      STARTED 117958 139.8mb host2
log-2019.02.26 4     p      STARTED 118144 112.3mb host1
log-2019.02.26 4     r      STARTED 118144 140.6mb host2
log-2019.02.26 0     r      STARTED 118149 123.8mb host1
log-2019.02.26 0     p      STARTED 118149 123.9mb host2


health status index                uuid                   pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size
green  open   log-2019.02.26       UEbj2K8LQMyjM9MF4fybiQ   5   1     592191            0      1.3gb          669mb


health status index                                 uuid                   pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size
green  open   healthmonitoring-app1-2019.02.26      KdoEeIKJRLa-x8WUp7mJlw   5   1        195            0        1mb        511.6kb
green  open   healthmonitoring-app2-2019.02.26      lXlyqtM0Qv2vkwtKK9t41Q   5   1        154            0    705.9kb        356.6kb
green  open   transactionlogging-app2-2019.02.26    y_ISZkAAQVOgA0j-_90uCA   5   1       3309            0      4.4mb          2.2mb
green  open   log-2019.02.26                        UEbj2K8LQMyjM9MF4fybiQ   5   1     604817            0      1.3gb        681.4mb
green  open   transactionlogging-app1-2019.02.26    uKIZRbfoQNa3giB0ds09IQ   5   1       2857            0        4mb            2mb
green  open   .kibana                               -t_CtgkdTKm22AbX79uuIQ   1   1          4            0     55.6kb         27.8kb

thanks in advance!


are you talking about Kibana showing the little spinning-icon for a long time until you see the page, or are you talking about after the Discover page opens up, how long it takes for the chart and the table to appear?

Hi Thomas,

I have it set so that when Kibana loads for the first time, its automatically set to start the 'discover' app (hope thats the right terminology).

First page that loads is the discover app: _/app/kibana#/discover? g=()

kibana.defaultAppId: "discover"

Once that that page loads for the first time the after 3 mins, user experience seems normal.

Last night I played around with upgrading one of our instances and upgraded from 5.2.2 ---> 5.6.0 and now the Discover page opens in a few seconds. I think I remember seeing a blog somewhere that stated that earlier versions of Kibana had a bug loading data initially.

I thought one of my configs was off. If its not a bug and you know a fix please let me know. thanks!

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