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When the end user accesses Kibana 7.6 for the first time, it takes 15-20s to load, the search queries and other tabs within Kibana don’t take much time. Is there any particular reason for this? I checked through browser dev tools that the kibana js and css files are taking time to load, is there anything we can do to reduce this load time?


Hey @nityaraj06,

We are aware of increased load times for first visits. We have a large initiative underway to improve this load time. You'll be able to see some of this work in the upcoming 7.8 release, once that is made available.

For an overview of the work being done, see this issue:

It mainly discusses load times for the upcoming 7.7 release, but you should see improvements in 7.8 regardless.

@Larry_Gregory - Thanks for the quick response Larry, so these load time issues exist for 7.6 version as well?

Yeah, we've noticed some degradation in 7.6 as well. We are in the middle of a massive refactoring to provide a more extensible and stable platform within Kibana. Once this is done, many interactions, such as initial load time, will be significantly faster.

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Sure, thank you! :slight_smile:

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