Need to reduce Kibana loading time

Is there any way to reduce the kibana loading ?
#Clicking on any plugin takes 4-5 seconds to load


Hi @Akhil_Kaithoju,

You didn't give any information to help you. You should describe your problem as detailed as possible including the troubleshooting steps you already went through:

  • what stack version do you use?
  • do you run from source or from distributable?
  • what do you see in browser dev tools network tab?
  • how powerful is the machine where you run the stack?
  • etc. etc.


Hi @azasypkin,

Thanks for response.
So here is the details :

  • I am using 7.3.2 both Elastic and Kibana
  • I am running source code itself
  • I have created a plugin and loading own code for my application, so whenever click on the plugin it takes more than 8 secs to load.


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