Kibana 5.2 UI takes a very long time to load

I just installed the following components from the 5.2 stack:

ES 5.2 (3 master and 3 data nodes)
Kibana 5.2 (1 kibana node)
Logstash 5.2 (1 logstash node)

My ES data nodes are 500GB each so not sure if its because of the data nodes hard-drive size is whats causing Kibana to load very slowly.

I was initially running a 5.1 stack and was not experiencing this problem.

Hi Mohsin,

Are you talking about the Discover page loading time? That might be impacted by how large each doc is. There's ways to eliminating the loading of some field if it's really large.

What browser are you using? Internet Explorer can perform much slower than Chrome on some tasks in Kibana.

And the other thing you can check is the stats by clicking the little arrow at the bottom of the Discover Histogram, then the Statistics button.


So the default Kibana GUI in general was loading slowly. I was able to fix this by disabling load balancing on my Kibana Client Server. When I point my Kibana server to one ES Node it works fine.

I believe when you set up a Kibana Client node to load balance its called a "coordinating node".

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