Kibana 5.4 view and dashboard saved names changed into internal names


In Kibana 5.4, when saving a new view or dashboard, the name I chosen would be changed into an internal encoded name.

This makes me unable to use my chosen name to retrieve the dashboad just created. I have to use the unfamiliar internal name for the newly created dashboard, which makes my coding life miserable.

Why does Kibana do name change?

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One reason Kibana was changed to use an ID was so that you could rename a visualization and not break a dashboard it was embedded in. Also there were some bugs that were addressed by the change where a user would rename an object but the ID didn't change.

Are you using the Sharing feature?

Are you using a query? You can query by title like this;

GET .kibana/visualization/_search
  "query": {
    "match_phrase" : {
      "title": "MySQL open files"



I see.

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