Kibana@5.5.0 modify source code error

(Xiaopeng Zhang) #1

npm run build is success in linux.
windows10: i want to modify the code to custom made the interface.
And i modified the config/kibana.yml : i18n.defaultLocale: "zh" ,
src/core_plugins/kibana/index.js resolve(__dirname, './translations/zh.json')
and add zh.json to src/ui/translations .
when i run the bin/kibana.bat
it run successfully,but the it seemly can't find the zh.json.

On linux .the changes is useful.and the message is changed to chinese.
sorry for my bad English.

(Lee Drengenberg) #2

Could you try translations/zh.json instead of ./translations/zh.json ? That might work better on Windows and yet still work on Linux.


(Xiaopeng Zhang) #3

thank you.This configuration is in effect.

(system) #4

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