Translation doesn't affect all of Kibana strings

Hello everyone.

I'm in process of translating Kibana to polish. So according to
and some others this is what I've done:
1.Taken the zh-CN.json file and got it translated.
2.Changed the translated file name to pl-PL.json
2.Added in .\x-pack.i18nrc.json in translations:
3.Set locals in .\config\kibana.yml:
|i18n.locale: "pl-PL"

The issue is that not all strings in Kibana are affected by the translation and stay in english. Once I change all of the "pl-PL" strings to "zh-CN", "fr", "es" or other it works fine and all of Kibana is translated. "pl" instead of "pl-PL" also doesn't work.

I'm running Kibana 7.5.1 on windows 10.

I've searched for files that might be missing for correct polish translation and the same files that exist for french also exist for polish. There are though files
where there is some code for french, german, english, korean and chinese and I tried to add code for polish, but it did nothing. Tbh I was just searching for any difference even if it had no sense to make it gone.

Thank you very much for any response!

Some of the strings are not localized by choice in Kibana. Can you give some examples of what is not working for you? Also, there should be zh-CN.json files for each plugin, in it's folder, afair.

Of course

when file named "fr.json"

when file named "pl-PL.json"

As you can see there are some default strings (in red boxes) and some translated into polish.

I don't know what are you getting at with this, but i've got as many zh-CN.json files as pl-PL.json files.

Thank you

It's possible that you might have hit the issue described here:

Can you try again with Kibana 7.6+ and see if you have the same problem?

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