Translation does not work in Logged Out Page and Apply Filters in Unified Search


We are using Elasticsearch 8.7.1 and some actions does not be translated.

How to solve this problem?

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Kibana supports translations in French, Japanese, and Chinese.

Where does your translation from Portuguese come from?

I created my own translation file with this instructions

like this guy does in Russian

I don't know why some parts still in English.

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Sorry I could not replicate your issue, check a couple of examples I could locate from your screenshots:

What I did is:

  • Start a development environment from the main branch of the Kibana repo
  • Copy the fr-FR.json as es-ES.json to start with texts in French
  • Add i18n.locale: "es-ES" to my configuration file
  • Add the translation to the x-pack/.i18nrc.json file
  • Locate a few messages in es-ES.json and translate them
  • Start the Kibana development server

I'm not sure if you need to run yarn kbn bootstrap for the translations to be picked up, but other than that the translations are showing correctly on my environment.

Does this help?

I think the problem is because we use i18n.locale: "pt-BR"

Original French file, saved as fr-FR.json, everything it is ok:

Same original French file, but now saved as pt-BR.json: some text blocks aren't translated

If we use i18n.locale: "es-ES" with our "pt-BR.json" renamed to "es-ES.json" it works! :thinking:

But in this cenario, the days of the week and months of the year stay in Spanish. :sob:
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The same if we use i18n.locale: "ru" with pt-BR translations inside "ru.json" file. Everything stays in Portuguese, except the days of the week, the months of the year....
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I tried to use "pt-PT" or "pt" and in this cases the result is same as "pt-BR": some parts still in English.

Hi @wsbr, just checked with the team and you indeed need to tweak this file to include those strings

For reference, this topic, actually also for Portuguese, was discussed on this other thread


Thank you a lot! It worked perfectly.

I suggest to commit the pt / pt-BR in the main code.

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