Translating Kibana to pt-BR


I'm trying to translate kibana to Brazilian Portuguese. I created the pt-BR.json file inside the folder


And started kibana using:

'yarn start --i18n.locale=pt-BR'

Then, the chrome console is printing this message:

index.js:525 [React Intl] Missing locale data for locale: "pt-br". Using default locale: "en" as fallback.

Well, I'm using the master branch of the kibana repo.

Thank you.

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Hi @diogopontual,

I guess that's because we didn't add pt or pt-BR to the list of locale data we support and load.

I believe you can just can grab appropriate data from intl-relativeformat repo and add it to the file I linked above as a temporary workaround.

And if you distribute your translations as a plugin, you'll likely be able to register appropriate locale data from that plugin instead.


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Thank you Mr. @azasypkin.

Well, I did the changes but the translation to pt-BR stills not working.

I renamed the pt-BR.json file to fr.json file and restarted the server with "yarn start --i18n.locale=fr" and it worked as a charm.

Do u have any other advice?

Thank you.

Have you run yarn kbn bootstrap -i @kbn/i18n -i kibana (or just yarn kbn bootstrap) after that change? You need to rebuild @kbn/i18n package to apply the changes. Sorry, forgot to mention that previously.

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Great. It is perfect. Just one more question:

Wath is the right branch of your repo to be used as base of my work?

Thank you, again.

Wath is the right branch of your repo to be used as base of my work?

Hmm, it really depends on what versions you'd like to support, the i18n framework that we fully support will be released with 6.7 and knowing the amount of work that needs to be done (Kibana right now has ~10-11k of localizable labels and this number is constantly growing) I'd say it makes sense to target 6.7 and 7.0 at least (these branches will be created later today or tomorrow from 6.x and master respectively).

We usually develop on master and then backport to older branches resolving conflicts if any, usually it goes flawlessly, but i18n is a different and totally new beast for us as well :slight_smile:

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Great! Thanks a lot. Your advices saved my day!

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