Adding a new translation to Kibana and distribute it

I have started localization Kibana to greek language. I made my experiments in an Ubuntu20.04 system. I made the following changes after cloning development code from kibana repo:

  1. extracted en.json file via node scripts/i18n_extract tool
  2. renamed en.json file to el-GR.json file
  3. edited el-GR.json file, specifying some desirable text
  4. integrated el-GR translation via node scripts/i18n_integrate tool
  5. added the appropriate entry for el-GR.json file in ./x-pack/ .i18nrc.json file
  6. added the appropriate entry for el-GR.json file in ./x-pack/plugins/translations/tsconfig.json file
  7. added the appropriate entries (addLocales statements) in ./packages/kbn-18n/src/core/locale.js file
  8. defined i18n.locale: "el-GR" in ./config/kibana.yml file

Indeed, when I start running Elasticsearch / kibana (yarn es snapshot --license trial /
yarn start --run-examples) , I can see the translated messages!

Notice that the procedure I followed seems to have added a new translation to the existent x-pack plugin (eg ./x-pack/plugins/translations/translations/ included the whole translations), so the supported additional languages are now three: zh-CN, ja-JP, el-GR.

How can I make a distributable version of kibana in order to have available in production mode the greek translation; eg should I rebuild and install the existent x-pack plugin; Should I rebuild another packet or the entire kibana dev code; Which commands should I use; My target is to add the support of greek translation in an existent kibana prod installation. I am a little bit confused about this issue.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @nkatsaounos ,

Welcome to discuss forum and your interest in localisation effort.

Generally you can build Kibana for production distributable this way:

yarn build --skip-os-packages

But you probably interested in specific OS build, so please check the options with:
yarn build --help

When you make a build, you should be able to start your own Kibana production build and connect it to Elasticsearch, just make sure you are working with the correct Kibana source branch to be compatible with your Elasticsearch version.

Regards, Dzmitry


Thank you Dzmitry for your answer,
I have successfully proceeded to the production distributable.

Now, I am trying to translate some additional text in the greek language, regarding the Time Selection window. I have managed to translate some text inside there, but I still can't find the way I can translate text inside quick time/date selection (see attached images).
For example, how can I translate text like '~ 7 days ago --> now' ; I tested some changes in ./packages/kbn-18n/src/core/locale.js file, regarding the greek language, without success. I also tried to search for some advanced kibana settings in Stack Management, without success.
In general, how is it possible to have available in greek language the window appears in the attached Screenshot2.png image ?

Regards, Nikos

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