Translating Kibana to el

Hi there!

I started localization for el (Greek language).

I did everything according to guidelines.

I extracted the en.json file from kibana after clone it from git.

On kibana downloaded from here (v.7.6.2), I made the following changes:

  • In kibana.yml, I change i18n.locale from "en" to "el".
  • Added the extracted en.json file in the root ./x-pack/plugins/translations/translations and renamed the file from en.json to el.json .
  • In the root kibana-7.6.2-windows-x86_64/.i18nrc.json and kibana-7.6.2-windows-x86_64/x-pack/.i18nrc.json declared the existence of the el.json.
  • Added el locale data in the root kibana-7.6.2-windows-x86_64\node_modules\intl-messageformat\lib\locales.js.
  • Launch Kibana with new settings.

Some messages/strings changed, but some texts from buttons remain en.
Please check the bellow ss from list of Visualizations.

The button's text is half en, half el.
I have changed "" from 'Create ': {indexPatternName}" to "Δημιουργία {indexPatternName}".

Please let me know what should be done to local kibana so as to apply these changes.

This isn't the right phrase, you need to provide kibana-react.tableListView.listing.createNewItemButtonLabel

Thank you @flash1293 for your reply.
I have also translated this key as below:
"kibana-react.tableListView.listing.createNewItemButtonLabel": "Δημιουργία {entityName}" and is not working.

Could you share any idea @flash1293 ?

I confirmed this is the right key - make sure it's not specified multiple times in your translation file, it's specified in the right place and to restart your Kibana for the changes to take effect.

Hi @flash1293. Just to mention that I use Elasticsearch/Kibana v7.6.2. Is there any other instruction that it is needed to follow for this version?