Kibana - Is the translation to pt-BR still working the same since 2019?

I need to translate kibana to pt-BR and I'm new to Kibana (and how it's plugins work).

I checked this link Translating Kibana to pt-BR - Elastic Stack / Kibana - Discuss the Elastic Stack and I was wondering if it still works the same way.

Can I follow the steps there and make it work in 2021?

Hey @medina ,

Thanks for reaching out. We have some documentation about how to go about translating Kibana into a custom locale.

I suggest you start with the kibana public docs to create a custom plugin for the translations file to live in: Localization for plugins outside the Kibana repo | Kibana Guide [master] | Elastic

To use our existing tools to extract the default english labels in the code base, and incrementaly adding translations into your locale file please check this link:

Some folks from the community have created custom plugins to add French locale and other languages which you can also use as a reference:

Feel free to open an issue in kibana for pt-BR.

Thank you for the quick response.

The problem is, I'm fairly new to React, and even more so to work on a huge codebase like kibana's.

Is it possible to give me a high level step-by-step of what I have to do?

For example, do I have to create a plugin of my own, that uses i18n somehow? How can I integrate? How is the xpack/plugins/translations plugin related to this?

Actually, this one did the trick [Localization] Support for French Language · Issue #32796 · elastic/kibana (
Still got a lot to learn on how to build plugins, but that's a start. Thanks!

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