Kibana 5 - Discover: "logstash*" is not a configured pattern. Using the default index pattern

Hi all,

I decided to test out ELK 5. I installed ES version elasticsearch-5.0.0-beta1 and Kibana kibana-5.0.0-beta1-amd64 by the instruction on the docs.
I decided to follow the Kibana tutorial, so I downloaded and inserted the data, all looks great:
curl 'localhost:9200/_cat/indices?v' health status index uuid pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size yellow open logstash-2015.05.19 b7P9mAv3TN2dZU9gWz-9Kw 5 1 4624 0 31.6mb 31.6mb yellow open bank XBd0_0RpRuKw2xYt_R95Fw 5 1 1000 0 736kb 736kb yellow open .kibana nd6Ghr_OQSqLWGDK-QW0DA 1 1 5 0 31.8kb 31.8kb yellow open logstash-2015.05.18 Bl5a7RvrSWSv7mHJFynNHg 5 1 4631 0 29.6mb 29.6mb yellow open logstash-2015.05.20 VxLEMnHWSMGv4XEpF6MORA 5 1 4750 0 31.1mb 31.1mb yellow open shakespeare jmYAYgSiSIGu17MUIaxIig 5 1 111396 0 29.2mb 29.2mb

Now I tried to define the index patterns. ba* and shakes* looks good. When defining logstash-* it seems to be OK, but when I go to Discover I get this error:
"logstash*" is not a configured pattern. Using the default index pattern

And I also see the no results found page.
Now, clearly there are documents in the logstash-* indices when checking ES (as I added at the top)...
So what could be the problem?