Kibana 5 loading nothing after upgrade

(Matt Widjaja) #1

I just upgraded to ES5 & Kibana 5. ES5 is working and while Kibana is running, when I try to load it, it just gives me a blank page with the sidebar to the left. I know I have data in my database so this is strange.

Nothing is in /var/log/kibana/kibana.stderr. If I look at kibana.stdout though, I notice it's trying send a response where it's getting a 404 error. It's trying to access the url: /elasticsearch/myIndex/_mapping/field/extraStuff...

Does anyone have any ideas or is there additional info I can provide to help?

(Matt Widjaja) #2

Provem solved. For those with a similar strange issue, I found a random file in /var/lib/kibana/uuid_old which had one line of garbage. By moving it somewhere else and restarting Kibana, everything came back to normal.

(CJ Cenizal) #3

Glad you were able to figure it out, Matt! Thanks for posting your solution.


(system) #4