Kibana 5 Metribeat Dashboard/Servers Overview Won't Show More than 5 Servers

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Hello ELK Users:

I recently installed and setup my new EK Server and everything works fine but I did notice that the "Servers Overview" filter on Kibana doesn't list more than 5 servers. So I thought I'd go in and edit the metrics and changed the "size" to 10 and sure enough it works and it shows it on the "Visualize" page so I save the option but then when I go back to the Dashboard, the "Servers Overview" lists only 5 and then I go back to edit it and resets to 5 again.

Any idea how to change it? I'd like to display at least 10 servers here.

As you can see in the following jpg, it shows all 7 servers just fine, I then save it

then i go back to Dashboards and it only shows 5

then I go back to edit the metric and it shows 5 again, so it looks like it's not even saving my changes. Any ideas?

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Does Kibana prompt you to overwrite the visualisation?

(El Joey Jojo) #3

No it does not. The other metrics do but this one doesn't allow me to overwrite it. Damn I never noticed that. Ruflin, thanks for bringing that up, do you know how I can fix it?



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Interesting. Do you get an error when it tries to overwrite it or it does not even show the message?

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hey Ruflin, thanks for bringing that up. it does not prompt to overwrite like the other metrics where i have been able to overwrite changes. any idea?

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hey there, so this worked after a reboot of the ELK stack server : S why? NOT SURE! all i did was reboot the server, went in there made a change to the metric and when I saved it, this time it did ask me if I wanted to overwrite it so I did and VOILA! lol strange but all good now! THANKS @rulfin

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