Issues with Elastic, Kibana and Metricbeat

I have setuped Elastic, Kibana, Logstash... .. :slight_smile:

Everything seems OK .. so .. I have added 6 server with heartbeat and ELK server and sometimes .. some info missing for hosts
check attached image

Elastic starts with elastic+ 12430 5.7 81.3 15375096 9644276 ? Ssl фев22 395:58 /bin/java -Xms9g -Xmx9g

I have 12 GB on Server

Not sure how your issue is related to APM or Heartbeat as you seem to show the Metricbeat dashboards? Are you having issues with Metricbeat? If yes, I can move your topic here:

seems yes,, can you please move it

Moved the topic and changed the title to Metricbeat.

Can you share some more details? Which versions are you using? How is the output you have different from your expected output? Which fields are missing?

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