Metricbeat - "Beats" under Stack Monitoring missing


I am trying to setup metricbeats in my ELKStack setup atm.
And I am currently only trying to use the Beat's module to monitor my filebeat/auditbeat/journalbeat etc..
How ever after successfully deployed it I am not seeing the "Beats" part under "Stack Monitoring"
(I am sending data via Logstash from metricbeat in to ES/Kibana not via ES directly)
Anybody have any suggestions on what I could have missed?

my metricbeat config looks like this.

 metricbeat.max_start_delay: 10s
- module: system
  enabled: false
- module: beat
    - stats
    - state
  period: 10s
  hosts: ["http://localhost:5065","http://localhost:5066","http://localhost:5067","http://localhost:5068"]
  xpack.enabled: true
  enabled: true
  hosts: {{ bls_logstash_hosts | to_json }}
    - {{ metricbeat_logstash_tls_ca }}
  ssl.certificate: {{ metricbeat_logstash_tls_crt }}
  ssl.key: {{ metricbeat_logstash_tls_key }}

It seems my .monitoring-beats-7-mb is missing or has not been created.
I can see my metricbeat trying to push to that index but when I do

curl http://localhost:9200/_cat/indices/.monitoring*?v its not present

health status index                             uuid                   pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size
green  open   .monitoring-logstash-7-2020.01.09 JPUi6AwZTmeL-JlotOP-gA   1   1      99278            0     29.2mb           15mb
green  open   .monitoring-kibana-7-2020.01.09   pzbLQjHVSiiFymQEhaCuCA   1   1       1072            0      1.4mb        501.5kb
green  open   .monitoring-es-7-2020.01.09       eJxns-RAT7Gqn7Xg9ii5ug   1   1      53762         1560     77.9mb         27.8mb

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