Stack Monitoring with Metricbeat


I was wondering what make the Stack Monitoring app in Kibana understand that the metrics are coming from Metricbeat, instead of self monitoring. (the documentation says this is the prefered way, and also the interface makes a strong suggestion to migrate from self to Metricbeat)

I followed the the guide, enabled the elasticsearch-xpack, but Kibana still considers that the nodes are being monitored with the self monitoring appropach.

Here is one of my metricbeat.yml:

  - module: elasticsearch
    enabled: true
    period: 10s
    hosts: [""]
    username: "monitor"
    password: "${MONITOR_PASSWORD}"
    ssl.enabled: true
    ssl.certificate: "/u/elastic/metricbeat/certs/"
    ssl.key: "/u/elastic/metricbeat/certs/"
  compression_level: 3
      - node
      - node_stats
      #- index
      #- index_recovery
      #- index_summary
      - shard
      #- ml_job

And here is what I get:

What could be wrong?

Thank you

Nevermind... somehow it started working...

Let us know if you have any problem.
The only doubt I have can be if you left xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.collection.enabled to true.

Yes, at some point I found out that that setting is important (I think I followed a link from Kibana's guide on how to setup monitoring with Metricbeat if you have security enabled... it took me to this link here

By the way, is this Stack Monitoring with Metricbeat included in the Basic license? I know that monitoring and alerting is only Gold, or even Platinum. But how about this monitoring setup? My goal is to be able to use the Stack Mponitoring app, including monitoring of several Beats agents deployed in my infrastructure...


Monitoring is part of the basic license ( but you will be able to monitor one cluster only.
I have to double check, but the limitation with basic is you can monitor only one cluster.

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