Kibana 502s When I Set ES As A Client Node

First time caller, long time listener:

I was able to complete this tutorial successfully:

which let me set up an ELK stack on one box. Now, I'm trying to set up ES / Kibana / nginx on one box and ES / Logstash on another.

On server A, with minimal config (naming the ES cluster, making the ES the server IP, and setting the ES url and host to the server IP), things work. But, when I try to follow this tutorial:

to load balance across multiple nodes, I get a 502 when changing things to = false OR node.master = false as instructed. I also don't have much to go on in way of errors. I've tried preloading ES on server A with test data, because I noticed that without some data in ES, kibana4 502s.

Do I not have enough nodes running for this to work? Did I screw up my configs, all of which are default aside from aforementioned? Help please. I really don't want to have to downgrade to kibana3 (if that would even work).


So you have a single node that has true and node.master: true and then you change one of those and you get a 502?

When I changed either value on that node, after restarting everything, it gives me a 502, yes. For what it's worth, there's another node on the same network with ES / Logstash on it.

I'd check to make sure that the node rejoins the cluster after the change + restart.
Check your ES logs and the various _cat indices.

Maybe it was an issue between things starting up. Also, when I added another node to the network, things magically worked. Please close this thread. My head hurts.