kibana-6.0.0-alpha1-SNAPSHOT-linux-x86_64, not start

This is the error when startup:

Are you building from source?

I download today from "kibana-6.0.0-alpha1-SNAPSHOT-linux-x86_64.tar.gz"


I was able to download and run that version without problems, and I don't see anything in your screenshot that helps.

Is there a reason why you are downloading and running the nightly snapshot instead of a stable release?

Also, the errors that you are getting look like it's trying to do an optimization, but you said you were not building from source.

Can you try downloading it again? Otherwise, I'm out of ideas.


The problem is relation with mode debug, i think.

When execute "sh kibana", its ok.

With this configuration in

sourceMaps: '#cheap-source-map'
unsafeCache: true
lazyPrebuild: false

When execute this: sh kibana --dev --no-ssl

In version 5.0.0 --> OK
In version 6.0.0 --> ERROR

I need execute in mode "development", its ok this configuration?

Many thanks