Kibana 6.0.1 slow with ES 6.0.1

I recently upgraded from ES 5.6.5 to ES 6.0.1 as well as Kibana to 6.0.1.

Before I could search a quoted string "some unique string" in the earlier rendition of our log setup and I would get something back relatively quick.

Now, if I issue the same search in Kibana 6.0.1 it hangs and times out eventually.

There is no load on the ES cluster (UNIX load of 1 on a 16 core system with 122G of ram and utilizing 31G of heap).

I have tried to delete the migrated kibana index and create a new one from scratch to no avail.

Example search:
"Request Failed" -> times out
errorType:"Request Failed" -> returns quickly

I see nothing in the ES or kibana logs that show me a problem.

Any help would be appreciated


Hmm, are you running this locally? Is data loading fine without the query? What about with other queries? I support it's possible your mappings are changed in a way that is really ruining performance, can you share the mappings for your data from 5.x and 6.0.1?

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