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In the Kibana 6.0.0. Elastic{ON} video :

Jim Goodwin showed a slide describing the upcoming capabilities and PIVOT table was there. However, I have downloaded 6.0.0 and do not see any PIVOT table in visualization there. Can anyone from Kibana team help why PIVOT table isn't there or am I missing something?

It is a heavily asked feature by users and Kibana adoption will get a lot more momentum in our organization if PIVOT table becomes available. Please shed some light on it.

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Hi there, you can track to stay on top of our progress developing this visualization. If you feel that the issue doesn't adequately capture your use case(s), please add a comment explaining what you'd like to see in the feature. Thanks!



I have added my +1 there. When are we expecting this to be bundled in a release? Just want to know how far are we from this becoming a real visualization. If it is half a year , unfortunately will not be of much use.

Thanks for taking a look! Unfortunately we can't really speculate on when we expect features to be released. But if you're interested in contributing to this feature I can set up a conversation between you and our visualization engineers, so they can provide you with support. Let me know!


Thanks for your response and the offer.

I am not sure we'll have bandwidth now to actively work on a plugin but if this does become a showstopper, we may consider that.

Just briefly - how far the current pivot table work has progressed, would you happen to know ? or if your visualization engg team can talk more on that , would definitely like to have a chat.


We've been focusing on refactoring the code which drives our visualizations, so this hasn't made it to the top of our priority list yet. But this refactoring effort will pave the way for implementing a pivot table vis more effectively. I hope this provides some insight!


Thanks for an update cjcenizal. This will be a critical feature I believe - there are people who are using Tableau, Panopticon datawatch and such tools. To convince them to move off and to Kibana - this will be a fundamental feature.

I really hope this comes up your priority list soon enough.

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