Kibana 6.2.2 performance problem when aggregating

Hi there

We are testing Kibana/ES 6.2.2 and find that a simple table in Kibana with a 4 term aggregation gets stuck already with a very small data set on 15.000 documents. We use some deeper aggregations (top 200 / top 500 / top 1500 and so on), but that does not pose any problems i Kibana 5.6.4 with millions of documents.

The request and query duration statisitcs indicate that ES 6.2.2 responds in an excpected manner, so the issue seems to be isolated to Kibana in the browser environment.

I use Chrome on Win10 on a quite powerful laptop, so from this perspective a fully capable client.

ATB Lars

As far as we know, no known issues from the Kibana side. It would likely be on the elasticsearch side, if any. Have u posted in ES discuss forum for more insights ?


If you make a 500 by 500 by 500 by 500 grid in 6.2.2 the UI completely halts. In 5.6.4 you get your result in a few seconds. Even a 50-50-50-50 list slows down significantly in 6.2.2 forcing lots of cpu pressure on the client.

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