Kibana 6 eating up chrome

Hi there!

We just upgraded to Kibana 6 (on ES6) and we experience severe performance problems in the Kibana frontend.

When building just a little vis on 2 terms (top 500 on top 500), Kibana spends loads of processor time and loads of RAM for achieving almost nothing. After resultset is given, the processor again is toasted and even more RAM is consumed. No one asked for anything. In the end Chrome gives up and you can reset your session.

We have been working with all the releases through Kibana 5 and never experienced anything like this.

Our data in ES is actually a small dataset (appr 2 mill documents), given what ES does in many other environments.

Is there something fundamental that we are missing? We do have investigated the release documentation on Kibana 6 and ES6.

Hoping for a great product!

ATB Lars

Would you mind providing some more information as to what you are doing which is causing these performance issues so we can better investigate?

Hi Tyler

Well, we simply encountered heavy, and from our perspective, unreasonable load in the browser when running Kibana 6.0.0. I can't get closer than that, we use Kibana very simple.

We downgraded to 5.6.4 and we run with no problems here.

The comparison I can give you is:

Kibana 6: RAM usage very aggressive up to 3-4 Gb and high processor activity to the extend where Chrome gives up.

Kibana 5.6.4: RAM usage up to 0,5 to 0,7 Gb and calm processor usage when operating in the frontend.

No changes at all in the setup or in data between the two solutions.



Here is some more information which would be helpful to track down the issue.

What plugins do you have installed?
How many fields do you have for the index pattern you're using?

Also, can you get a HAR file of the operation?

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