Kibana 6.4.3 on windows can't create index pattern

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I install kibana 6.4.3 on windows. It can't create index pattern.It show error

POST http://localhost:5601/api/saved_objects/index-pattern 403 (Forbidden)
Detected an unhandled Promise rejection.
Error: Forbidden

commons.bundle.js:3 Uncaught (in promise) Error: Forbidden
at _callee$ (commons.bundle.js:3)
at tryCatch (vendors.bundle.js:43)
at Generator.invoke [as _invoke] (vendors.bundle.js:43)
at Generator.prototype.(anonymous function) [as next] (http://localhost:5601/bundles/vendors.bundle.js:43:593650)
at step (commons.bundle.js:3)
at commons.bundle.js:3

Please help me.

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Sounds like this could be a bug. Would you mind creating an issue at Be sure to include the browser version, screen shots, and a HAR file if possible.


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