Unable to create new index-patterns [FORBIDDEN]

Hi everyone,

Since one week, i'm unable to add new index patterns with Kibana.

My logstash pipeline creates correctly my new index management, but when I whant to visualize datas, and add a index patterns on this index, I got this message :

Error: Forbidden
at http://myserver.uem.lan:5601/bundles/commons.bundle.js:3:541210
at step (http://myserver.uem.lan:5601/built_assets/dlls/vendors.bundle.dll.js:531:4015)
at Object.next (http://myserver.uem.lan:5601/built_assets/dlls/vendors.bundle.dll.js:531:3275)
at fulfilled (http://myserver.uem.lan:5601/built_assets/dlls/vendors.bundle.dll.js:531:2669)

Can someone help me ?

F12 development console :

PUT http://myserver:5601/api/saved_objects/index-pattern/76dd5540-68ef-11e9-86f9-4be268babbf9 403 (Forbidden)

Thanks for help !


Can somebody could help me ?

403 error response indicates that the user you are using to try to create the index pattern does not have sufficient privileges to do so. Double check your security setup and make sure that the user has the proper permissions.

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