Kibana-6.4 server: unable to find usable node.js executable

I downloaded following files from respective releases pages.
npm install -g yarn
Restarted my system.

Now downloaded from
and ran
$yarn kbr bootstrap

Bootstrapping completed!
Then manually ran
and then
$ yarn start

yarn run v1.13.0

$ sh ./bin/kibana --dev
unable to find usable node.js executable.
error Command failed with exit code 1.
info Visit for documentation about this command.

Following versions are used
C:\Users\Username>node -v

C:\Users\Username>npm -v

C:\Users\Username>yarn -v

please help


Hey, a few options under the assmption this is for development:

  1. verify that bash has the node install added to $PATH
  2. use kibana.bat instead, bin/kibana.bat --dev
  3. run node directly - node scripts/kibana --dev

I would suggest the third for simplicity, it'll take batch/sh out of the equation

If you just need to run kibana, => past releases => bin/kibana.bat

Thanks Jon

The issue solved just with kibana.bat

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