Kibana 6.x dynamically loading and viewing dashboards


I am attempting to dynamically load and view dashboards within a kibana instance. I have created a sample dashboard with a few visualizations, but cannot seem to find where this dashboard is located in the kibana file structure. I'd like to import json dashboards on the fly, and have them show up in my kibana instance. Any way to go about this (I can only use the cli)?


Hi @mksavic,

Kibana stores its dynamic data in the Kibana system index in Elasticsearch (.kibana by default). Each visualization and dashboard is represented by a separate document in there. In order to side-load saved objects you can try to export and re-import the documents. For dashboards It is necessary to import the dashboard itself as well as all contained visualizations.

Where exactly is this within Elasticsearch? I downloaded the Elasticsearch tar and am able to run it, but looking through the files, I don't see a .kibana.

Thank you,

Kibana always needs to be backed by a running Elasticsearch instance. It stores its dynamic data like advances settings and saved objects in an index called .kibana. That index can be access like any other index via the normal Elasticsearch index API, e.g. GET .kibana/_search.

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