Kibana 7.0 node binary location

I've noticed that in version 7.0 the kibana script no longer supports node binary from a custom location. In version 6.7 it was

test -x "$NODE" || NODE=$(which node)

and now it's just

test -x "$NODE"

Is there a specific reason behind that?

Yes, we test Kibana with a specific Node version which we ship with the app. Is there a reason you would like to use a custom Node binary?

yes, I maintain an alpine-based kibana image, I use official node image as the base image with node binary located under /usr/local/bin/. I imagine this can also happen in other environments where node manually preinstalled.

The Kibana build includes Node, so there is no reason have it installed on the system.

Is this preventing something from functioning? I am not sure I understand what the problem is.

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