Kibana 7.1.1 - Visual Builder vs Filters

Hi everybody,

I got a strange behavior in the Visualize part.
One of my colleague complained because he did not see the Filters bar anymore in the Visual Builder. I said it is normal because this part does not display the Filters bar.
Then, he sent me a screenshot where the Filters bar was displayed.
I tried to see it myself without success. And he did not see it neither.
But today, the Filters bar is back. He sent me again a screenshot.
And, again, I tried to see it myself without success.
I created a Elastic instance in the cloud and, like on my hosted instance, no Filters bar.
I browsed the doc and found discussion about Filters bar vs Visual Builder saying the VB has its own way filtering data and that's why it does not use/display the Filters bar.

Can someone explain to me why it appears from time to time ?
Is it a way to make it appear ?
Is it a bug ?

@JimJ Are you both using the same browser?

You are correct, TSVB handles filtering a bit differently which is why the filter bar does not appear. I'd be interested in learning more about whether your colleague has any steps to reproduce this consistently -- as outlined in this issue it is currently expected that filters will not appear in TSVB.

hi @lukeelmers,

Most probably, my colleague used Chrome81 and I use Firefox75. I'll check anyway.

About reproducing it, we already tried the first time he got it without success.
So, we will continue trying to replicate it and we can do it, I'll post the steps here.

One last thing, if you notice on the screenshot, the refresh button appears twice. Strange.

Another thing I noticed.

If I edit his TSVB in "Kibana - Management - Saved Objects", I see the filter he set.

I just tried it creating a new TSVB; when I opened my newly created TSVB in "Management - Saved Objects", I can see the filters I set in the serie "Options" and in the "Panel options" in the last input field named "visState".

In his case, when I opened his TSVB, I can see filter in the first field named kibanaSavedObjectMeta.searchSourceJSON.

I asked him if he pinned the filter in the Discover interface but he told me he never used the Pinning Filter option.

If it can help, I can share the TSVB json.

Thanks, that would be great if you could share examples of the json.

I exported the TSVB and replaced some infos (i.e. servers' names with SVRxx).
And he used Chrome 81.0.4044.92 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Here is the TSVB json:

    "_id": "0e07c2b0-95aa-11ea-af9e-d7bf5cc25557",
    "_type": "visualization",
    "_source": {
      "title": "Event Viewer error count per server ICF2",
      "visState": "{\"title\":\"Event Viewer error count per server ICF2\",\"type\":\"metrics\",\"params\":{\"id\":\"61ca57f0-469d-11e7-af02-69e470af7417\",\"type\":\"timeseries\",\"series\":[{\"id\":\"61ca57f1-469d-11e7-af02-69e470af7417\",\"color\":\"rgba(252,220,0,1)\",\"split_mode\":\"filters\",\"metrics\":[{\"id\":\"61ca57f2-469d-11e7-af02-69e470af7417\",\"type\":\"count\"}],\"separate_axis\":0,\"axis_position\":\"right\",\"formatter\":\"number\",\"chart_type\":\"line\",\"line_width\":1,\"point_size\":1,\"fill\":0.5,\"stacked\":\"none\",\"split_filters\":[{\"filter\":\"log.level:error\",\"label\":\"Total Errors\",\"color\":\"rgba(243,233,233,1)\",\"id\":\"97c27790-95a8-11ea-9836-61117ca55492\"},{\"filter\":\"\",\"label\":\"SRV05\",\"color\":\"rgba(252,220,0,1)\",\"id\":\"00d49b80-95c9-11ea-ab2a-bf993582351c\"},{\"filter\":\"\",\"label\":\"SRV06\",\"color\":\"rgba(152,227,43,1)\",\"id\":\"509468d0-95c9-11ea-ab2a-bf993582351c\"},{\"filter\":\"\",\"label\":\"SRV01\",\"color\":\"rgba(0,252,236,1)\",\"id\":\"67b43590-95c9-11ea-ab2a-bf993582351c\"},{\"filter\":\"\",\"label\":\"SRV02\",\"color\":\"rgba(0,19,252,1)\",\"id\":\"8904cde0-95c9-11ea-ab2a-bf993582351c\"},{\"filter\":\"\",\"label\":\"SRV03\",\"color\":\"rgba(252,0,249,1)\",\"id\":\"a7046670-95c9-11ea-ab2a-bf993582351c\"},{\"filter\":\"\",\"label\":\"SRV04\",\"color\":\"rgba(219,223,0,1)\",\"id\":\"ac064a80-95c9-11ea-ab2a-bf993582351c\"}],\"terms_field\":\"agent.hostname\",\"label\":\"\"}],\"time_field\":\"@timestamp\",\"index_pattern\":\"winlogbeat-*\",\"interval\":\"auto\",\"axis_position\":\"left\",\"axis_formatter\":\"number\",\"axis_scale\":\"normal\",\"show_legend\":1,\"show_grid\":1,\"default_index_pattern\":\"logstash-*\",\"background_color_rules\":[{\"id\":\"1aa115e0-95c2-11ea-ab2a-bf993582351c\"}],\"axis_min\":\"\",\"axis_max\":\"\"},\"aggs\":[]}",
      "uiStateJSON": "{}",
      "description": "",
      "version": 1,
      "kibanaSavedObjectMeta": {
        "searchSourceJSON": "{\"query\":{\"query\":\"\",\"language\":\"kuery\"},\"filter\":[{\"meta\":{\"alias\":null,\"negate\":false,\"type\":\"phrase\",\"key\":\"log.level\",\"value\":\"error\",\"params\":{\"query\":\"error\"},\"disabled\":false,\"indexRefName\":\"kibanaSavedObjectMeta.searchSourceJSON.filter[0].meta.index\"},\"query\":{\"match\":{\"log.level\":{\"query\":\"error\",\"type\":\"phrase\"}}},\"$state\":{\"store\":\"appState\"}},{\"meta\":{\"alias\":null,\"negate\":false,\"type\":\"phrase\",\"key\":\"tags\",\"value\":\"_appname\",\"params\":{\"query\":\"_appname\"},\"disabled\":false,\"indexRefName\":\"kibanaSavedObjectMeta.searchSourceJSON.filter[1].meta.index\"},\"query\":{\"match\":{\"tags\":{\"query\":\"_appname\",\"type\":\"phrase\"}}},\"$state\":{\"store\":\"appState\"}},{\"meta\":{\"type\":\"phrases\",\"key\":\"agent.hostname\",\"value\":\"SRV04, SRV05, SRV06, SRV02, SRV03, SRV01\",\"params\":[\"SRV04\",\"SRV05\",\"SRV06\",\"SRV02\",\"SRV03\",\"SRV01\"],\"alias\":null,\"negate\":false,\"disabled\":false,\"indexRefName\":\"kibanaSavedObjectMeta.searchSourceJSON.filter[2].meta.index\"},\"query\":{\"bool\":{\"should\":[{\"match_phrase\":{\"agent.hostname\":\"SRV04\"}},{\"match_phrase\":{\"agent.hostname\":\"SRV05\"}},{\"match_phrase\":{\"agent.hostname\":\"SRV06\"}},{\"match_phrase\":{\"agent.hostname\":\"SRV02\"}},{\"match_phrase\":{\"agent.hostname\":\"SRV03\"}},{\"match_phrase\":{\"agent.hostname\":\"SRV01\"}}],\"minimum_should_match\":1}},\"$state\":{\"store\":\"appState\"}}]}"
    "_migrationVersion": {
      "visualization": "7.0.1"
    "_references": [
        "name": "kibanaSavedObjectMeta.searchSourceJSON.filter[0].meta.index",
        "type": "index-pattern",
        "id": "10edf6b0-5d57-11ea-99a0-9575bf367bdc"
        "name": "kibanaSavedObjectMeta.searchSourceJSON.filter[1].meta.index",
        "type": "index-pattern",
        "id": "10edf6b0-5d57-11ea-99a0-9575bf367bdc"
        "name": "kibanaSavedObjectMeta.searchSourceJSON.filter[2].meta.index",
        "type": "index-pattern",
        "id": "10edf6b0-5d57-11ea-99a0-9575bf367bdc"

Thanks @JimJ. I tried configuring a visualization with a similar saved object, using a 7.1.1 cloud instance, and wasn't able to reproduce any of this.

TSVB explicitly disables the filter bar in the code, so to be honest I'm not even sure where this would be coming from.

Does it disappear upon refresh, or does it persist when navigating away from TSVB and back to it? When the filter bar is visible is it still fully functional? And is he seeing it with the same saved object in different browsers, or seeing it with any saved object in a single browser?

hi @lukeelmers

It very difficult to reproduce.
And it disappeared once refreshed.
I'll ask if it was functional and more details to my colleague.

hi @lukeelmers,

So, my colleague said it was fully functional.
He built and saved the filter you see in the json in TSVB.

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