Kibana 7.1 No Lens / Canvas


We recently upgraded to Kibana 7.1 by downloading install file provided by Oracle (for Peoplesoft). Peoplesoft now is integrated with Kibana, so many new companies are starting to use this product.

I've done a bit of training and was really hoping to start using Lens and Canvas in particular. But these options appear to be missing. Here's a screenshot of the Home menu -

And creating New visualization -

(if screenshot didn't work - all we see in left menu is Overview, Discover, Dashboard and Visualize)

I've checked with the unix admin who did the upgrade, there appears to be no option to just switch on Lens or Canvas in.yml file or similar.

Is it possible to get this functionality? Or are these not available because of a pricing model that exists with elastic and Oracle?


Welcome to our community! :smiley:

It looks like you are using the open source distribution, which doesn't include Lens or Canvas. You'd need to install the default distribution.
As an aside 7.1 is very old and well past EOL.

Thanks for the quick response Mark!

7.1 was the latest version certified to work with Peoplesoft (provided in Sept 2021 I think). So they're a bit behind ..

Is the default distribution free for companies? I think we'd be tempted to install it in a development environment even though not certified, if we're allowed to.

Yes it's free :slight_smile:
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