Kibana 7.11.0 en kibana.json not created in configured locations


On our DV Elastic, we tested 7.11 and noticed the Kibana logs were no longer generated in the expected location. After some debuging, it seems the logs are written to the default path /var/log/kibana/kibana.log instead of to the configured logging.dest /logdisk/kibana/kibana.json. We also noticed that there no file in the configured location /etc/kibana/pid/

Relevant kibana.yml configuration:

logging.dest: /logdisk/kibana/kibana.json
logging.json: true
logging.timezone: Europe/Brussels
pid.file: /etc/kibana/pid/

We did find a file in the following location: /var/run/kibana/

What's going on here?



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Hmm, this seems like it could be a bug. Do you mind opening an issue in our GitHub repo?

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