Kibana 7.13.4 - Report Failure - Aborting due to maximum number of retries hit [40]


I have 50 reports configured in watcher to automate the sharing of CSV reports from kibana which set for on timings to share the last 24 hours of data.

There are few reports getting failed by showing the below error.

"Aborting due to maximum number of retries hit [40]"

Please let me know what is the reason for these much retry attempts? Also please let me know if this issue can be resolved by increasing this retry limit to 100 without impacting the performance of the platform.

I don't think increasing the number of retries will help. Best to figure out the root cause the report failures. Do the same reports fail each time? Can you create reports for the failed reports in isolation?

  1. turn on verbose logging to see why reports are failing
  2. try increasing reporting timeout

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