Kibana 6.8.23 CSV reporting is always failing

I am running two instances of Kibana. When I generate CSV report it is always failing and giving message "failed to generate report maximum 3 attempt reached". if anybody has idea please suggest what could be the reason for failure. Kibana log says report generated successfully

{"type":"log","@timestamp":"2022-10-14T08:28:42Z","tags":["reporting","csv","debug"],"pid":91,"message":"finished generating, total size in bytes: 1542"}
{"type":"log","@timestamp":"2022-10-14T08:28:42Z","tags":["reporting","esqueue","worker","debug"],"pid":91,"message":"l980dom4002jda1b6065391v - Completed job l988a025002jda1b608eivxa"}

Hi @Sarat_Khilar

Did you check official docs and can confirm your setup is correct? Do you run Kibana behind any reverse proxy? It can also be a reason.

Regards, Dima

Hi @Dzmitry
I have checked all the configurations are correct and it is not running behind reverse proxy. Log is saying it is generated successfully. But from UI it is showing failed.