Kibana 7.4.1 Does not search string directly


Kibana 7.4.1 in discover does not found string directly.

Any idea?


Hi and welcome to our community!

Could you provide some details about the string and how the data is mapped in Elasticsearch?
What Discover finds with the input of a single string very much depends on how the data is indexed in Elasticsearch. Could you provide some details?

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Hi Matw.

We try to find some string in all indices, like in previous version of kibana , writting the string in search, but in this version is not working.


thx, could you also provide a sample doc you expect to find? many thx!

Sorry, I can not provide a simple DOC, i can show you that the string exist in one index and field.


I've added the string to a new index, it's using the default mapping in this case, started to search for the field, works:

That's how it's mapped in this case, could you share your mapping? in which Kibana version did it work before

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