Kibana 7- How to debug custom plugin in the browser?


I have spun up Kibana 7.0 and elastic search instances and generated a plugin template using kbn-plugin-generator.

I have built a simple react app that is ran as a custom plugin. This works, but I am unable to view any of the files I have written in the sources section of chrome dev tools. I would like to be able to insert break points in my plugins source code when building more complex apps in the future, is this possible and supported by kibana?


You need to run Kibana from source.

See here how to set up a Kibana project

Then, you can set optimization params in a file (this config file will get loaded when running in dev-mode).

something like:
optimize.sourceMaps: true

I created a and added the parameter you specified and everything worked.

Thanks for your help Thomas!

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